I am a driver and I would like to discuss a specific matter or problem – create a ticket

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    Centrum Wsparcia Kierowców - Logowanie

    Login link to the Uber Partner Driver Support Center

    Click ‘Log in to the Driver Support Center’ at the bottom of the site.

    Centrum Wsparcia Kierowców - Formularz logowania

    Login form for the Uber Partner Driver Support Center

    If you are not already logged in to the Uber Partner’s driver account – enter in the field ‘Username or E-mail“ the username chosen during registration or e-mail provided during registration or if you have changed it in your account, use the last set e-mail address mail. Enter the password you provided during registration in the ‘Password’ field, or enter the current password if you have changed it. Then click “ Login“.

    Centrum Wsparcia Kierowców Uber - Tworzenie zgłoszenia

    Creating new ticket

    1. After logging into the field “Subject“, briefly describe the issue you would like to discuss with our consultants.
    2. In the “Description“ field, enter the constructive content of the application. In the field below you can also attach files with which you would like us to become familiar with.
    3. When your application is ready, click “Submit“.

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