E-kasa Certified by GUM

AR Group already has such an e-cash register for UBER and BOLT

They both work, what does this mean for you?

you can make rides on the above-mentioned applications, both CASH-FREE and CASH-free, fully legally!!!

the e-ticket office issues a receipt for each passenger via the passenger's e-mail / application, sends a receipt to the Ministry of Finance and to us.

driving from 01/01/2021 is fully LEGAL!

It also means:

that a cash register is no longer required to issue receipts!

additional earning opportunity!

there is no need to worry about fiscal operations, which were BLACK MAGIC for most!

you do not have to worry about breakdowns / damage to the cash register, because it no longer takes up space in your car!

no printer paper needed, so WE PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT!

the memory, which in the regular cash register had a limited capacity, is not important!

You DO NOT HAVE to print daily or monthly reports anymore!

We are the best licensed Uber Partner. We invite you to cooperation!

You can count on the full commitment of our team.

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